Rains Metro Houndstooth

The BLUNT™ XS_Metro is the ultimate balance of portability and performance for a compact umbrella.  This 2-stage model is the strongest collapsible umbrella around. It is the go-to choice for urban dwellers, folding up, and sliding into its sleeve so that it fits easily in your bag - making it easier to carry around than a full sized stick umbrella.


Comes with patterned carry sleeve and gift box.


Blunt umbrellas are made with superior materials and each one undergoes a 38-point quality control check. After testing in extreme conditions we trust our umbrellas last and so offer a 5 year no nonsense global guarantee. Love rain, hate waste

Putting it bluntly, these umbrellas are the single most significant advancement in umbrella design, in over a century... the world's best umbrellas - and to top it off designed by New Zealand!

Diameter: 95 cm/37 in

Length: 36.5 cm/14 in

Weight: 350 g/0.77 lb

Fabric: Polyester

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Saben Bex

Saben Bex


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