Day Birger et Mikkelsen Candles

'No.1: Day of Intuition' is an elegantly scented candle, with a woody fragrance derived from a blend of vetiver, bergamot and waterflowers. 


'No.2: Day of Memories' is the perfect fresh fragrance with which to fill your home. Created with notes of blackberries, jasmine and tomato leaves, this is an uplifting and subtly feminine fragrance.


Made of natural wax, the candles come in a glass votive container with an etched turtle and bird motif. Presented in a chic white box, it makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or simply a treat for the home.




Founded in Sweden in 2007, Day Birger et Mikkelsen is the brainchild of Keld Mikkelsen, whose vision was to bring beautiful, ethnic influences from his world travels and merge them with Scandinavian simplicity, masculine tailoring and vintage inspired styles.


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