BLUNT  - the worlds best umbrellas.

NOT ANOTHER POINTLESS UMBRELLA - designed right here in NZ.

BLUNT™ umbrellas are the only umbrellas with a fully tensioned canopy.

What does that mean? 

The structural integrity of an umbrella is defined by its canopy.
A canopy is only as strong as the tension applied to the fabric stretched across its ribs.

Taut equals Strong.

BLUNT™ umbrellas feature patented BLUNT™ Tips that form an integral part of its unique Radial Tensioning System (RTS™). A system that redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout its entire canopy surface. The result is a fully tensioned canopy with an unflappable aerodynamic structure that sits effortlessly in the wind and provides maximum control, even in the most demanding weather conditions.


NEW  - BLUNT + TILE - the first trackable umbrella


So Greig started from scratch to redesign the entire idea of a personal weather protection canopy
The engineer in him worked towards something that would outperform everything on the market,
working flawlessly and effortlessly in conditions way beyond the capabilities of any umbrella in the world.
The designer in Greig demanded that it must also be elegant and stylish.
And the tall guy in him just wanted to make sure these damn things didn’t keep poking him in the face.