June - New Arrivals

Hedgerow - Murphy and Daughters

Murphy & Daughters

Bespoke bath and body products made using sustainably sourced ingredients! Soaps, hand & body lotions, hand & body washes and more...

Hedgerow - Tonic AU

Luxe accessories from Tonic

Eye masks, jewellery boxes, cosmetic bags and heat packs...

Hedgerow - Beija Flor - Mats

Beija Flor Vinyl Mats Available Now

Designed and made in Northern Israel, in an eco-village overlooking the sea of Galilee - these Beija Flor mats are an absolute must-have in France at the moment.

Hedgerow - Stella + Gemma - Gloves

Stella + Gemma Gloves, available in a variety of patterns

Hedgerow - Stella + Gema - Sweaters

Stella + Gemma Sweaters

Hedgerow - Le Forge - Throws & Cushions

Le Forge - Throws & Cushions, Online and In-Store Now

Hedgerow - Queen of Foxes - Face Masks

Queen of the Foxes - Face Masks

Available in Plaid, Black, Leopard, Charcoal, Olive & Blush
Hedgerow - Sophie - New

SOPHIE - Knit Scarves in Wild and Tweed & Knotted Headbands

Hedgerow - Biance Lorenne - Laundry Balls

Bianca Lorenne Laundry Balls

' Especially absorbent, these energy-saving felted wool balls are ideal for soaking up the moisture from your fabric as they bounce throughout your dryer, separating the various items and creating airflow. 100% fair trade certified.'
Hedgerow - Babu - Merino

Babu Merino - Just in time for Winter