Hello all my lovely Hedgerow friends...

I hope everyone is coping with these challenging times.   

You will see that some businesses like mine are classing themselves as essential goods. I sell slippers and warm clothes but I will not be. There are vulnerable members of our community who are not able to get food and medicine delivered.

I am not willing to clog up systems already under pressure to deliver someone a cashmere jumper. I am not willing to ignore the clear stay home message to go to my shop to get that delivery ready. I’m not willing to have a courier driver put himself at risk for what is clearly not an essential item.

 I am a small business and like others I may not survive this but I will not put my community at any further risk. I truly hope that if we all stick to the rules in just a few weeks I will be able to trade online and hopefully very soon after that open my shop to you all again. But until then I am not essential.   

Love to you all xx