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Glasshouse Hand Cream
Glasshouse Hand Cream
Glasshouse Hand Cream
Glasshouse Hand Cream

Glasshouse Hand Cream

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100mL Hand Cream by Glasshouse Fragrances



Massage liberally into clean, dry skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please store below 30°C


Kyoto in Bloom - You have arrived in the full bloom of spring, on a path of camellia, lotus and amber, to cherry blossoms, pink as painted oval lips, to the Zen Temple of the Golden Pavilion, where you feel calmed, inspired by simplicity and focused by restraint to see beauty in everything. 

Fragrance: Top Notes - Fresh lime, Bergamot, Citrus. Middle Notes - Camelia and Lotus. Base Notes - Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla


Lost in Amalfi - Awaken to the fragrance of freesia, lavender and lime, enlivened and relaxed, siesta satisfied. Still with some of the sun and salt spray from before, and ready for more. Find yourself where the days sparkle like the sea and another Limoncello. 

Fragrance: Top Notes - Freesia, Thyme and Tarragon. Middle Notes - Lavender and Moss. Base Notes - Musk and Patchouli


Marseille Memoir - a compelling collision of urban edge, craggy coastline and Riviera cool. Gardenia, sandalwood, cardamom and casaba melon capture Côte d'Azur grandeur with a hit of grit. Welcome to the sun-kissed south, and a city with surprises around every corner. 

Fragrance: Top Notes - Hyacinth, Neroli, Apple Blossom. Middle Notes - Gardenia, Carnation, Tuberose. Base Notes - Sandalwood, Incense, Clove Bud


Montego Bay Rhythm - Welcome to Montego Bay the beaming soul of the Caribbean, where coconut, citrus and vanilla embrace you as a local under the sun. Jamaican rhythms warm your heart and move your feet as smiles abound this place where it's always summer. 

Fragrance: Top Notes - Lime and Lemon. Middle Notes - Vanilla and Amber. Base Notes - Coconut and Mandarin Oranges