Maho Sensory Sticks
Maho Sensory Sticks
Maho Sensory Sticks
Maho Sensory Sticks

Maho Sensory Sticks

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30 incense sticks. Burn time of each incense approx. 60 mins. 30 hours total burn time. 

Encased in a glass tube for portable take anywhere burn. Enjoy this innovation on the classic incense and fill your space with fragrances that will activate the senses and invigorate the soul. MAHO button burner included. 

How to use

Light the tip of one incense stick over fire. Extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Incense should emit a glowing ember and fragrance with smoke. Return smouldering Sensory Stick to the MAHO Incense burner. 


For larger spces or to achieve higher fragrance intensity, burn multiple sticks as desired. 

Place sensory stick away from you for a less smokey scent throw.

Break stick for lesser burn time, for example, break a sensory stick for a 30 minute burn time. 


Gypsy Wood: Wandering, free-spirited, Gypsy Wood is earthed in smoky Sandalwood and yellow Sunflower. Frakincense top notes are softened with a hint of Cream arousing memories of an endless Summer's night. Top Notes: Frankincense, Cream. Middle Notes: White Wood. Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Yellow Sunflower. 

White Musk: Inspired by 1940's Hollywood. White Musk opens with a crisp Citrus and Bergamot blend before dancing into a spicy Floral. Eclipsed in Cypress and Musk, this sophisticated scent pays tribute to the opulence of days gone by. Top Notes: Lemon, Citrus, Bergamot. Middle Notes: Allspice, Magnolia, Rose. Base Notes: Cypress, Dragon Blood, Musk. 

Rose Bois: Palm to palm, kiss to kiss, the ehtos of new love is found in Rose Bois. Breathing fresh cut Roses, indulgent in rich Cocoa, this fragrance whispers notes of Sandalwood like a poem between two lovers. Top Notes: Sandalwood. Middle Notes: Cocoa Beans. Base Notes: Rose. 

Artisian Leather: Torching Tobacco and Grained Leather, this grounded fragrance warms with Cypress and Sadalwood. An ode to atelier workshops in Florence, Artisian Leather honours artistry and trade. Top Notes: Tobacco, Allspice, Smoke. Middle Notes: Leather. Base Notes: Cypress, Dragon Blood, Sandalwood, Musk.