Nailmatic Body Rollette

Nailmatic Body Rollette

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Body Rollette is an aloe vera glittery colourless body gel.
90% of natural origin ingredients.
Easy to handle with its roller ball applicator.
To be applied generously and at will.

It's a natural born summer star, leaving the skin shimmering and strawberry scented.
The funniest body care for a magic single fare!


Glittery AND hydrated

Its aloe vera formula takes extra care of sensitive skins.
With 90% of natural origin ingredients, its gentle paraben-free and toxic-free formula provides gentle moisturising. 
Showing off on the beach and during playtime will no longer be an option! 


Cruelty free, Vegan
Dermatologically tested
Made in France


Framboise Raspberry

Cerise Cherry

Peche Peach

Fraise Strawberry