Sophie La Girafe - Sophie by Me - 60yrs

Sophie La Girafe - Sophie by Me - 60yrs

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A brand-new Sophie la Girafe® is available to commemorate a milestone anniversary for the famous teething toy. Celebrating 60 years, the limited-edition Sophie By Me is the result of thousands of votes from around the world.

Over 100,000 votes came in from fans both young and old to help select the final 60th anniversary design. The print features the words Je t’❤️ Sophie in pale pink on the front. There is also a heart design and number 60 on the back.

Millions of parents trust Sophie to soothe babies’ gums and have done for the last 60 years. The teether uses 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree. Its flexible, natural materials and food-grade non-toxic paint ensure it is both safe and natural.

Just 125,000 of the exclusive toy exist. With only 5,000 are available in the UK.

Staying true to her heritage, Sophie By Me was produced traditionally in France, just like the original. Using the same method as 60 years ago, her creation is a closely guarded process involving 14 manual operations.

Commenting on the limited-edition design is 1 two KIDS, the brand’s UK distributor. “Sophie is the world’s bestselling teething toy for very good reason. Honouring this milestone by creating a celebratory design with the help of her fans around the globe has been the most wonderful way to celebrate 60 years of the nursery hero. With just 5,000 Sophie By Me’s on sale here in the UK, one thing’s for certain – they won’t be around long.”