Zone Rocks Icemaker
Zone Rocks Icemaker

Zone Rocks Icemaker

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Award winning Danish design company Zone Denmark challenges everyday objects and turns them into functional pieces of art that will be pride of place in every home. 

The Rocks bar concept was brought to life by design duo Mavro//Lèfevre who with backgrounds in music and design take a unique view and turn it into the exciting.

Ice Maker is a brilliant ice cube tray and cooling element in one.

Fill the Ice Maker, freeze it, release the ice cubes inside the bottle by pulling the strap on the side – and pour the ice cubes directly from the Ice Maker into your jug or drink.

Ice Maker is dishwasher-safe. There’s no single-use here, and no plastic residue in your glass.

Ice Maker can be rinsed, refilled and frozen again – and again. 

100% free of BPA and phthalates, for the sake of both you and the environment.

21cmL, 11.8cmW, 5.5cm